The Christmas Gift

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Once again, Christmas approaches. The season of love, the birthday of Baby Jesus, is coming once again, to remind people all over the world that, in spite of all the hardship, the angers and the tears shed throughout the year, that love remains. In spite of everything, people take a break to celebrate love. To quote the words from one of the all time Christmas hits by the Jackson Five, Give Love on Christmas Day, it is the time people make lists, buy special gifts, and try their best to be kind to one and all.

But why do people give gifts on Christmas? And when did this start? Well, it must have started on the very first Christmas. When we talk about Christmas, many would immediately recall the Three Wise Men from the East who came and gave one of the earliest Christmas gifts to Baby Jesus. Among those gifts were frankincense, gold, and myrrh. Those were one of the earliest Christmas gifts, but not the earliest. The earliest Christmas gift was Baby Jesus Himself. He was the gift to mankind from God, a gift of love which was Love itself. Thus it was stated in the Gospel according to the Apostle John that God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son. And from then on, people started giving gifts of love to those they so loved.

And this is one time that even small things matter. No matter how expensive or cheap the value of the gift is, people feel loved, appreciated, and remembered with every present lying underneath the Christmas tree with their names on it. And with the state of things happening in the World today, knowing someone cares is quite comforting. Its the thought behind the gift, and the love behind the thought that actually counts.

Just picture yourself going through the presents under the Christmas tree and not finding one from the person you care about most. And imagine how you would feel if you find the very particular present that you were looking for hiding under other presents. You would feel very satisfied because you would feel very much loved. And think again how you would feel if that present was never to be found. Not so good, is it?

To quote again some words from the song mentioned above, why dont we all give love on Christmas Day? Let us also not forget that more than anything else, it is the love behind the gift that counts. And let us try not to leave out anyone, remembering that, it is so nice to feel remembered.
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The Christmas Gift

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This article was published on 2010/11/04