Novel Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend enjoys a good book then we have the ultimate Christmas present for her. A personalised novel is a truly unique gift which will bring hours of delight every time she picks it up. We have many classic tales available to purchase, but first let’s explain just what exactly is a personalised novel. A personalised novel makes a brilliant Christmas present for your girlfriend because it takes a classic story and replaces the names of six of the lead characters with six names that you choose. Every time the original name features in the story, it will be replaced with the name that you have given, but otherwise the original story remains the same. You can just imagine how much fun this can create for the reader to learn that they are now starring in one of their favourite literary works!

When you purchase this gift, you will receive a welcome letter and further explanation on how the gift works. You will also receive a cast list giving you more information on each character (in case you don’t know the book yourself), which may help you to better choose the names to replace the originals with. For example, you don’t want to choose to put her mother’s name where the character is flighty, rude or insane – not if you want a happy Christmas anyway! You should also bear in mind that the original genders of characters cannot be changed, so don’t give a male character her sister’s name, or it will get confusing when it subsequently refers to her as ‘he’!

Your name will be appear on the front and spine of the book along with the original author’s and you can also add your own personal dedication inside, making it the most unique Christmas present for her she’ll ever receive.

So now let’s take a look at some of the classic tales you can add your own twist to. For a Christmas present for a girlfriend or wife, the best sellers are obviously famous love stories such as Pride and Prejudice or Romeo and Juliet. Choosing the two leading characters will be easy – yourself as Mr Darcy and your girlfriend as Elizabeth Bennett, for example – but you may have to read the cast list for further inspiration on the other four supporting characters. Other classic love stories we hold include another Jane Austen favourite, Emma, as well as Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

If you prefer not to go with a love story, we have plenty more titles available which make great Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend. Choose Alice in Wonderland or Wind in the Willows, for example, to help her relive her childhood through these favourite stories. Just be careful who you choose to play the Mad Hatter! Another childhood classic is the Wizard of Oz, although most people will know the film more commonly than the original novel on which it was based. Again though, be wary when casting the role of the Wicked Witch!

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Novel Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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Novel Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

This article was published on 2011/12/09