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There are two important occasions that rank highly in our lives each year and those are our birthday and Christmas Day. Birthdays are great fun. The focus is on us and we get together with close friends and family members to celebrate our own birth or perhaps just sneak quietly off for a meal with one or two wonderful people. Of course when we are children our birthdays mean so much more to us and the parties that are organised especially for our big day by our parents can be the highlight of the whole day. Revelling in the attention and enjoying the novelty of being one whole year older, there is almost no beating our birthdays.

Christmas Day, however, is the biggest thrill of the year for children. The excitement they feel towards the approaching festive season may begin when they spot that first fake Christmas tree in the department store as early as September, all aglow with its pretty coloured lights and baubles and tinsel draped around its branches. From that point onwards, the kids are anticipating something that will not be happening for over three months. Not only do they begin to save their pocket money in order to buy those few treasured gifts for their mums and dads and Christmas cards for their many school friends and teachers, but they also start to make a wish list of all those toys and games that are also being coveted by every other child that they know. As a parent you are well aware of the fact that whatever they really want or think they want for Christmas this year, it is bound to be overpriced and just a passing fad that will be so last year by New Year's Day.

Buying that particular gift for your little angel may make him or her momentarily ecstatic and your child may well appear to be your best friend for all of a few hours, showering you with kisses and hugging you for no apparent reason, but let's face it, this behaviour will not last and the thrill of having this amazing toy in their lives will be extremely brief. One big and expensive gift such as this one could mean you blowing the whole of your budget in one go, limiting you to giving just the one present. Kids love the anticipation of what might be hidden inside that intricately wrapped package and the others next to it. They much prefer to receive lots of smaller gifts than one big one. It is all over way too soon once they have dealt with the wrapping paper and taken that much wanted but single thing out of its box. It is so much more fun to have a few more presents waiting under that Christmas tree for them to enjoy and the more gifts they have, the less likely they are to grow bored and fractious towards the end of the day. Give your little ones little presents this year and choose from a vast range of Top Christmas gifts.

Babies and toddlers will adore the Nursery Rhyme Land Personalised Children's Story CD. It has all their favourite characters such as Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty, who all get involved in the traditional story of Little Bo Beep and her famous sheep. Children will be thrilled to see their own name featuring on the cover of the CD and are sure to sit quietly to listen to the tale.

Another of the many Top Christmas gifts for young children is the fabulous personalised Adventure Book Toy Story 3 with those lovable characters, Buzz and Woody. The story can be personalised with the child's name and birthday and there is a personal dedication on the inside cover that includes the sender's name.

Kid's A4 Picture Pockets are a great idea for displaying and storing your little one's works of art. Children can proudly add up to 18 of their drawings and paintings to the 9 pockets and hang it on their bedroom wall or door for all to admire.

Kids love to collect and save things for reasons only known to them. With a Make Your Own Scrapbook they can have fun with the 180 templates, alphabet stickers and 24 pages to make a stunning scrapbook of their own.

A Secret Message Writing Set will give your little ones hours of fun. With two invisible ink pens containing a UV back light all they have to do is shine the light onto their invisible message and the words will be visible. Make their Christmas one to remember with some wonderful Top Christmas gifts that are sure to please them.
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Little Christmas Gifts For The Little Ones

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