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Oh what fun it is to be in the workplace during the lead up to Christmas. Everyone is usually in such good spirits - to the extent that even the most grumpiest of souls start to smile. Even the most time conscious Boss turns a blind eye to the amount of time being wasted on Christmas decorations - the battered old tree on the coffee table in Reception, the Christmas Cards blu-tacked all over the walls, the tinsel stuck all round the computer screens and fake snow sprayed all over the windows.

Work seems to go at a slower pace somehow and lunch hours become mini Christmas parties in the local bar and when the true office party arrives, you can't help but be amazed to see everyone in a completely different light. You can't believe the ladies in reception look so glamorous in their party frocks - you have only ever seen them in navy suits and silk scarves. And the gents from IT look so dapper in their dinner jackets and bow ties, compared to the grey dull suits they usually wear day in, day out.

But the best thing about the office party has to be the swapping of Christmas presents and when it's done anonymously, as part of the Secret Santa, everyone is usually in fits of laughter by the time the first present is opened. This has to be the one time of year when you can take some risks and buy unusual, or even risqué presents. Gifts that will create endless laughter, or things you would never dream of buying, because, let's face it, they will never know it is from you!

So who are you buying a secret Christmas present for this year at work? Have you been lucky enough to draw out the name of your best friend who sits at the desk next door? Or maybe you have been given the shy chap who only started last month? Or, have you had the misfortune in drawing your boss's name out of the hat? The girl who never smiles? The man who never laughs? Don't you worry, there are hundreds of secret Santa gifts online and in no time at all you will find the right present - for any type of work colleague.

Paint Your Own

If you are buying for someone in the Creative Department, then generate some laughs with a Paint Your Own Christmas Tree Baubles set. This gives them everything they need to create their own Christmas masterpieces and, if they come up to a high enough standard, their baubles can be hung on the office tree for many years to come!

Little Messages From Rudolph

A really fun and festive Santa gift is Reindeer Poo! Who cannot fail to chuckle as they open these solid milk chocolate droppings, in the guise of Reindeer poo. But funnier still, who would be brave enough to buy these for the Boss?

For A Little Assistance Getting Home From The Party

The hilarious Inflatable Walking Stick is a fantastic gift for any old timers who may need a little help getting around after the office party or for those who need even more stability, there's the Inflatable Zimmer Frame! These are gifts that guarantee laughter from everyone and will be great props for any office party .

Put Your Cards On The Table

Christmas Snap Cards are a great game to play after the party dinner has ended and even the most serious of work colleagues will want to join in a game. See the competitive streak come out in everyone as they sit on tenterhooks, trying to match one of the twelve festive card designs, ready to be the first to shout out "SNAP!".

Make Them Blush With A Saucy Mug

They say that the quiet ones are the worst, so make them blush with a saucy mug. For the girls there is a sexy personalised Hunk Mug, which has a carefully positioned Merry Christmas greeting over a very Adonis like frame. For the boys there is the personalised Bikini Babe mug, or personalised Necklace Mug - both offering eye appealing angles of the female form. They will be wanting to drink coffee and tea all day when they receive these mugs.

So there you have just a few hilarious suggestions for your office secret Santa this year. As you can see, you cannot fail to find a gift for your chosen work colleague. Whatever present you choose is bound to go down a storm and create lots of laughter and joy at your office party this year. Enjoy!

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Finding Secret Santa Gifts For Work Colleagues (Secret Santa)

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This article was published on 2011/09/21