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Christmas is such a joyous time of the year. This is the time where people gather around giving gifts and eating dinner during Christmas Eve.

But there are certain Christmas traditions that have been used up until now without us minding it.

Here are 3 common Christmas traditions that long existed years ago and still been use today:


Did you hang up stockings up on the window during Christmas Eve? Thinking that Santa Claus would put on goodies and toys inside the stockings? Well, this has been an old Christmas tradition that makes kids still believe that there is Santa Claus.

Where Santa Claus did came from? His existence rooted from a famous bishop whose name is Nicholas during the 4th century A.D. who was quite popular for his being generous and who loves children. Few years after, he became St. Nicholas who is the children’s patron saint.

As to leaving stockings, this has some roots from the Dutch children who would have their wooden shoes placed near the fireplace on the night of Christmas Eve and “Sinterklaas” would then put in some goodies inside the wooden shoes, only for children who have been good.


This has been one of the most common Christmas traditions that have been used up until today. As to where the use of Christmas tree came from. Well, it can be dug way back before the pre-Christian period.

Before, people offer different forms of sacrifices, one of which is offering oak tree as well as ash in order to make their gods happy. As for the ancient Romans, they decorated their homes with a tree that filled with adornments in lieu for the Saturnalia festival.

Down the line during the 15th until the 16th century, Germans decorated fir trees with different sorts of stuff such as colored paper, candies, and apples. In the U.S., Martin Luther King started the tradition of using fir tree and put some lights on it. He got this concept because he had seen the stars light shining right through the leave and they looked wonderful.


What about kissing underneath the mistletoe? Have you ever heard about that? For sure you had. Well, this Christmas tradition might originated from Scandinavia. This plant was associated to Frigga, Scandinavia’s goddess of love. It has been shown that those who kissed underneath the mistletoe comes happiness and good luck.

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Christmas Traditions

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This article was published on 2010/10/30