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Even if not every day that you celebrate, this is not the celebrations that are lacking in our calendars. Several signs can mark these celebrations for everyone: gifts, family reunions, decorations, demonstrations everywhere ... in short, each party's mode of celebration. But have you ever realized that only a party brings together all these ways to celebrate? Of course, it's Christmas!

By Christmas, everything is different, everything changes. Since the first day of December, while preparing us for this Christmas Day, the children rehearse their Christmas in schools or churches, the media report, the ads take advantage of the streets and markets are flooded and several trees other decorations, toys ...

Depending on the country, community, creed or religion does not celebrate Christmas the same way in the world, and sometimes, sometimes we want to celebrate in the way of others. But regardless of these ways, the principle remains the same, receive and share the joy of Christmas.

In Madagascar, unlike other countries, Christmas is celebrated in the heat of summer and the nights of heavy rain. But that has not stopped every family get together and partying together, for those who can of course! For others, Christmas is already planning ahead by making savings in order to celebrate like everyone else. For most Christians, Christmas is expected a few days in advance of celebrations every night in churches, or simply by a vigil the night of December 24.

With the desire to spend a good party, everyone starts to get along better when Christmas approaches, we help the poor and orphans so they can have fun too, separated families trying to meet, and best of all, people want a merry Christmas, even those who hate the most. Even if all this is not the case for everyone, it's still what we see and what we feel every year! Therefore, every Christmas, one wonders why he is not 365 days of Christmas in a calendar? :-)

By reading this article, it looks like Christmas is a day of happiness only, but we all know that this is not always the case. It was just quoted in this article everything that makes Christmas the best of all celebrations.

But remember that with little or a lot of money, zero or thousands of gifts, small or large tree, the most important is to spend the Christmas day. Every Christmas, we remember that other people have dreamed of living today we saw but could not!

Finally, I wish a very Merry Christmas to all and send you my best wishes for happiness!
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Christmas, My Favorite Celebration - 2010 Christmas Celebration Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/11/16