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Cheeky Christmas gifts can be a good fun way of Christmas shopping for your other half. Take the stress out of having to find exactly the right present for him and make it a bit different. After all on average we buy three or four presents for the people we love each year, birthday, Christmas, anniversary and Easter. Why not do the more sensible expensive gift for his birthday as they are more personal celebrations. Even if you are still feeling the credit crunch or your student loan has mysteriously disappeared or you simply need a selection of stocking fillers, then looking at the gift stores available online will help you to find great cheeky gifts.

Thinking of things he is interested and likes is a starting point for your ideas and will enable you to come up with lots of options and ideas. Then be cheeky with your ideas making it fun and easy. Cheeky can mean a number of things - something sexy, something novelty, something that touches on a private joke you share, or habits and routines you both share.

Personalised art is a thoughtful and fun gift dig out a great picture of the two of you (simple or daring it's up to you) and turn it into a fun piece of art. Maybe a personalised picture frame with that great picture of the two of you. Personalising your purchases gives them that extra special addition. Most websites do great ranges of personalised items and they don't cost the earth.

Got a funny man who loves a joke? Fun and novelty items such as an office toy to relieve stress at work and brighten his day are available. How about a toy car, say a mini lambourghini...a good trick - wrap up some car keys and he will be astounded that you have bought him a car. These are cheeky boyfriend Christmas gifts - as in ironic!

Footie mad fella? Finding your boyfriend Christmas presents is a breeze then as there are plenty of sports related goods out there but do make sure you get the right team colours/kits or it could be the instant end of your relationship! Novelty toys related to his team or even kits you can dress up in for him in a cheeky kind of way....

If you have been together a while then your relationship may have reached a level where you can always make him smile with most things sexually orientated. So why not discern one of his sexual fantasies and make it come true. If he has always had a thing for nurses then dress up and do some good patient care. Take on the new sets of Control-A-Woman and Control-A-Man remotes and try them for cheeky ideas - take the controlling as far as you both want to. Whatever he has wanted to try, take that wish and go with it (as long as you are comfortable with it too). This, however, would probably be best kept for the two of you on Christmas Day, not for the whole family to know about!

It depends on how long you have been together as to how far you can go with your cheekiness. If you have only been going out together a few months you don't know if you are going to touch a nerve or appeal to his sense of humour correctly so don't do anything too rash. Anything to do with sexual activites may seem too pushy or forward if you haven't reached that stage in your relationship yet. On the flip side if you have been together a while and you simply plant a new set of boxers or pair of socks in his lap, he will be less than impressed that you have not thought much about your gift idea.Take a look around the websites at the great ideas for cheeky boyfriend Christmas gifts and give him something a little different.

Cheeky boyfriend Christmas gifts are a great idea if you can't think of anything specific to buy your man, or if you need something fun and inexpensive. Reading material for you both...'101 Things to Do Before You Get Old' or perhaps 'The Karma Sutra?!'

Giving gifts should be a pleasurable experience, not a stressful one. It doesn't have to be the most expensive or fanciest thing out there. Your boyfriend's present should be something you have really thought about showing you have paid attention to his likes and hopefully you will find he has done the same for you!
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Cheeky Boyfriend Christmas Gifts

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This article was published on 2010/11/29