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Having our own "Celebration Calendar" was something I had mentioned to Adam fairly soon in the beginning of our relationship. He was totally on board when I shared my ideas so I thought I'd develop it a little more...

For as long as I can remember I've envisioned my very own calendar, and someone finally allowed that to become reality without making me feel like a total goofball! The only reason I had even imagined it was due to the anxiety that holidays always brought on for my family. I NEVER understood how it was possible to please all sides of the families around the holidays...how on earth do you choose who you spend your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. with. (Assuming you enjoy your families company!) Not only that but I saw so many couples refusing to just separate for the holidays. I knew when I was in a loving relationship that I would do things differently...

The first thing Adam and I have on our "Celebration Calendar" is our very own Christmas (Christmas in July that is!). The exact date does not need to be the same every year and it will be worked in around on our schedules. The point is, we are celebrating our own Christmas without the "holiday hype" and all the extra anxiety. When Christmas actually rolls around, I fly home to see my family and he will fly home to see his. If one year my family celebrates a few days late...great! I can see Adam's family with him and vice verse.

None of this is written in stone, but it takes SO much pressure off the holidays for us. We see each others families throughout the year, the holidays is not our only opportunity...and quite frankly we both like our families (as for me, I'll be damned if anyone expects me to see my family every other year on Christmas!)

Besides holidays...I think it's important to set aside special days to just check back in with our mate, spend some quality time with them and celebrate you union. Sounds corny but I think it's a must!

Here are some that are on our calendar...

-Christmas in July

-Take a day off from work to just stay in bed all day and love each other!

-Our night in! (this is on Valentine's Day...so we don't have to deal with the hype, besides you shouldn't just celebrate your love ONE day out of the year!)

-Time away! (This is our weekend away from each other and the world. Just to decompress, think in silence and be by ourselves for a while!)

-We also have small little day/weekend road trips planned throughout the year...Just fun stuff for us to look forward too. Things like that keep the relationship fresh and exciting!

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Celebration Calendar

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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